1. You need this picture for reference.
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  2. I love being able to message first.
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  3. I couldn't remember Lisa's rap.
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  4. Valid question.
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  5. His bio was just "Lazy Superhero," which was kinda boring so I decided to entertain myself by writing a limerick.
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  6. Tauruses. Ugh.
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  7. Dad?!
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  8. I was actually stoned when I sent that. I was being serious.
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  9. And I was still stoned for this one BUT in the holiday spirit.
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  10. When Dana's Italian Comes in Handy: Chapter One
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    I told him I liked his bathing suit. (It was a Speedo.)
  11. You need this picture for reference.
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  12. Billy Joe Armstrong was NOT having it that day.
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  13. Yeah, this guy never messaged me back after this either.
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