1. I don't know if this is a generational thing or what, but I felt like when I was younger, teenagers all thought everyone in high school was fuckin'.
    I was in middle school in 2001-2004, so I blame "She's All That" and "Ten Things I Hate About You" and whatever other Freddie Prinze Jr. movie I jacked off to.
  2. And then we realized that's bullshit. No one was fuckin' at my high school except the chicks on the cheerleading team who were having anal because vaginal sex was sinful.
    Don't even get me started.
  3. And now there's this thought that okay, everyone isn't having sex in high school, but they're DEFINITELY having it in college.
  4. Now let's get one thing straight. Yes, I experienced my first time at 17. I had sex with that partner a few times and then my high school boyfriend a few times. So let's say 5 times total.
  5. But then I didn't get laid again until I was 21. And even that was a number of times I could count on one hand.
  6. And then I was celibate until I was 26. That's 5 years.
  7. You guys. I'm 27.
  8. That means I didn't start being what I consider sexually active (I'm defining it as having sex on a regular basis) until a little over a year ago.
  9. The reason I didn't have sex much in college was I didn't go to college to party or date. I went there to work. Really, really hard.
  10. And the reason I was celibate from 2009 until the end of 2014 is that I needed to focus on my career and ED recovery.
  11. And you know what? 4 books with HarperCollins, an agent, an incredible editorial career at the publishing house responsible for 40% of all NYT bestsellers, a budding freelance career and 9 years of really strong sobriety later... I don't regret it at all.
  12. So if you're a young chickadee who's stressing out over still not having her first sexual experience, don't.
  13. In my experience (and anecdotally from so many friends)...
  14. Teenage guys suck in bed.
  15. They don't know how to eat pussy yet.
  16. They can't last a long time.
  17. They tend to take direction as criticism.
  18. You are truly not missing out on ANYTHING.
  19. Dudes start to know what the fuck is UP in their early 30s. It's wonderful.
  20. So, seriously. It's okay to wait.
  21. And then you can be a big dumb slut like me and fuck ten guys in a year. And 75% of those dudes will be AWESOME.
  22. jk jk jk do whatever you want
  23. Just don't feel weird about being celibate. ✌🏻️