Inspired by @ErinFlaherty's tale of her millionaire friend/former awful kisser. 😉
  1. Tell him/her to go at half-speed.
    Bad kissing is usually the result of moving way too fast.
  2. And to only use their tongue when you initiate.
    It should be a call and response. You slip your tongue in their mouth and they lightly caress your tongue with their tongue. Their actions should be a reaction to yours, if that makes any sense. Once they understand the rhythm and get better at it, then you take turns.
  3. (You can also kinda force them to slow down by gently biting their upper/lower lip--lower is easier--and sucking, creating a pause in the makeout sesh.)
  4. "But that sounds kinda bossy, Dana!" you may be thinking.
  5. But it's not. It's telling someone what you want. And every guy I've ever told "touch me here" "kiss me there" "do it like THIS" has gotten off on it so hard.
  6. Boom. Done.