I wrote this list while I was high last month and found it in my drafts just now
  1. I had a hard candy when i got to the airport because it's legal! And i have a really difficult time sleeping on flights
  2. So i thought this would help knock me out
  3. But i had an hour before my flight after we went through security
  4. Which i didnt account for
  5. Putting cream cheese on a bagel felt like I was doing open heart surgery.
  6. I started to have a panic attack at Starbycks and put on Alvvays' debut album to calm myself down because it reminds me of a fun day with my boyfruend and this other couple
  7. We went to a waterfall
  8. Not at the airport; i was describing the fun date day
  9. Apparently I shouted "look at that dog" to my mom and tgen ran to the gate
    The dog was sitting funny
  10. This guy in a baseball cap can totally tell that im high
  11. Maybe its because im smiling at him
  12. And dancing
  13. The song "feather bed" by the fruit bats also reminds me of my boyfrirnd
  14. I almost said fruit flies
  15. A lot of things remind me of my boyfriend, ok?
  16. I had another panick attack at the gate
  17. And i tried to dance a little because it calmed me down
  18. I had this thought that i wouldnt be able to make my flight because i couldnt keep my eyes open
  19. Dancing helped keep me awake but then this guy started talking to me
  20. And i thought "he is being way too nice"
  21. "He is up to something." 🕵
  22. Then he asked me what i did for a living
  23. And i said writer
  24. And he said he wanted to sell his autobiography
  25. And i thought DOESNT EVERYBODY
  26. At which point i realized this man wasnt nefarious, he was just kinda dumb
  27. Look at me using big words like nefarious
  28. Then i got on the plane
  29. Sent a text to my bf because i was scared i'd never see him ever again (?) and wanted to say something nice
  30. And then fell asleep for almost 4 hours
  31. It was great