I guess I'll just have to find my future ex-husband on Craigslist or something.
  1. I'm a budding entrepreneur. 💁🏼
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  2. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  3. I was being honest.
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  4. I wanted to know.
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  5. And so, naturally, there was a follow-up question.
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  6. Listen, you guys. Sometimes you just feel like pounding 3 Four Lokos, okay?
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  7. Rick was a limp dick and did not find this medical phenomenon amusing at ALL.
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    Just a heads up: there was a dog in one of my pictures. This dude didn't call me a dog face, I swear.
  8. I needed to know what his bio meant.
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  9. You need this picture (read the bio) for reference.
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  10. If you write a thinly-veiled misogynist bio, I will, in turn, write this:
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  11. This is quite literally a losing battle.
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