This is your brain.🍳 This is your brain on cough medicine. 🐣
  1. @mallofamanda: Balls of Amanda
  2. @john: John May[HeBendMeOv]er
  3. @eatthelove: Irvin [L]in the Butt
  4. @carey: Carey Slube
  5. @Jack: Jack More
    Fun fact: This kid and I took a comedy writing class together at NYU with D.B. Gilles. Small world. Hi, Jack! You probably don't remember me cuz I'm skinny and blonde now. 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻
  6. @dave: Dave N-E-way You Want it, Baby
  7. @AlexandraLouise: Alexandra Ah C Your Underpants
  8. @sophia: Sophia Rivka Rossin' a Salad
    This one was kinda complicated, you guys.
  9. @olive: Olive ToSpitOnYourButthole
  10. @dudleyjoshua: Joshua Dildo-ley
  11. @tombatten: Tom Batten Dem Titties Around
  12. @jansonebwoodlee: Janson E. B. Woody
  13. @fisackerly: Patrick Fist-ackerly
  14. @fisackerly: Patrick Fat Ass-kerly
  15. @fisackerly: Patrick Fuck-Ass-kerly
  16. @fisackerly: Patrick Smack Dat Ass-kerly
  17. Sorry if this list devolved into me cyber bullying @fisackerly.
  18. @amber: Amber What a Vaught-y, Vaught-y Little Girl
  19. @maddiecalls: Maddie Called-Well-I-Better-Call-Her-Back-Cuz-She-Fine-As-Hell
  20. @Waz: Jack Jizz
    I'm sorry, Jack. It was the best I could do.
  21. @aprilkquioh: April "K... Can I Put It in Ya Butt?"
  22. @bobbyhundreds: Bobby Hundreds-of-People-Are-Lining-Up-to-Suck-this-Dude's-Dick
  23. @hollis: Hollis AndrWho-Would-Like-a-Threesome
    The politest way to ask that question. It's like, "C'mon, gang! I'll bring the Rice Krispie treats!" (I'm the type of person who'd bring Rice Krispie treats to an orgy.)
  24. @bjnovak: Anal Sex Novak