If you don't think women do this shit GUESS AGAIN
  1. Topless selfie in some dude's bed while he was taking a shower to show my friend the hickies he left on my tits
    She asked how my night was and I couldn't lie to her, you guys.
  2. A picture of me naked giving 2 thumbs up after trying reverse cowgirl for the first time (taken by the guy I had just fucked).
    @olive received that one
  3. A picture of my bruised lip after the dude I made out with bit me too hard (I sincerely didn't feel it)
    Please enjoy the blemish on my cheek caused by sleeping over that dude's place in a full face of makeup. 🙄
  4. So many pictures of me in solely panties and pasties (with tassels)
    I did a pin up photo shoot last year and let's just say there were a lot of outtakes that I didn't want to go to waste, ok?
  5. A picture of the eighty black/green bruises this guy gave me from biting my thighs for like 4 hours
    With the caption "happy birthday to me"
  6. A picture of me sleeping with an ice pack on my vagina
    Same guy from above
  7. Always remember: