Legit just stream of consciousness-ing it while I swipe through a bunch of assholes.
  1. You are not nearly attractive enough for such a comprehensive list of demands. What is this, a ransom note?
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  2. Great. Three things no woman is interested in.
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  3. [makes jacking off motion with my hand]
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  4. Woah someone is VERY DIRECT
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  5. "I couldn't think of anything interesting to say in that first line, but I want you to know that I'm tall cuz girls like that, right?"
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  6. "I know you're not going to care about anything else after I say Wealth Management Advisor so I'm just gonna phone it in at the end here."
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  7. "I have been on dating apps for too long and am getting bitter about it."
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  8. "I, too, am bitter."
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  10. 1. I respect you for openly admitting how short you are. 2. You use as many emojis as a teenage girl does and that cancels out the respect I felt for you earlier.
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  11. Oh, honey. Ohhhhhhh, honey. Bless your heart, but we're in New York City.
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  12. Soooo... just like everybody else? Okay.
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  13. "I may be clinically depressed."
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  14. Yes, bitch. This is how you do it.
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  15. "I have self-esteem issues that I'm trying to compensate for."
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  16. "I like to make sweeping generalizations about femininity."
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  17. "I'm a thirty-one-year-old man who is uncomfortable with the concept of cursing. I am a Baby McDiaperpants. I just sh$& in my diaper."
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  18. Love it. You're adorable.
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  19. I honestly really don't give a giraffe's nut where you've lived as long as it wasn't an ISIS training camp.
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  20. I'm too high for this.
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    Or maybe not high enough?
  21. "I make poor career decisions."
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  22. "I'm looking for a hookup, but I don't want to outright say I'm looking for a hookup, so I'll just write a bunch of other bullshit instead."
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