Inspired by @RachelP
  1. The 4-day weekend when I had the apartment to myself. We essentially didn't stop for 96 hours.
    Told me his ex nicknamed him "The Wolf" because he always made her howl. He wasn't kidding. A+ oral skills.
  2. High as fuck. Oral for 4 hours. (I remember looking at the clock at 8pm and the next tine I looked at it, it was midnight.) Legit did things with him I'll probably never do again. Ever.
    But it was fun as hell.
  3. The guy who got off on giving oral and it would take him a little while to get me there, but when he did I would fucking see stars.
    Ever have to be like "stop stop stop this is too intense"? Yeah, he was one of those. I loved it!
  4. That time there was a webcam involved.
  5. The time I texted him "my vagina is dying" and he responded, "Don't worry, I know CPR."
    I liked that guy. I had just had a breakup and he was so nice about it. It was like Dial-A-Rebound.
  6. The first one with my favorite toy of all time.
    The Womanizer = horrible name, vibrating clit sucker