1. This is what happens:
  2. First, you send a message.
  3. Then the person you sent it to doesn't respond.
  4. And so you send ANOTHER message.
  5. Still no response.
  6. Then you send a THIRD message that's usually a tad passive aggressive like:
  7. "Uhhh... hello?"
  8. Or
  9. "Cool, so you're just going to ignore me?"
  10. Or just:
  11. "Answer me."
    ^ you think I'm joking, but that is a 100% real message I received yesterday
  12. If a girl doesn't answer you right away, it either means:
  13. 1. She's not interested. EVEN IF YOU MATCHED. Having matched on a dating site does NOT mean she owes you anything. Not even a message.
  14. 2. She's busy.
  15. If it's #1, let it go. Seriously. Let. It. Go. Dating is full of rejection and if you can't handle rejection and get angry when someone doesn't answer you, you shouldn't be dating.
  16. And if it's #2 and she truly WAS gonna message you back at first, but then received your cry baby follow-up message, guess what?
  18. ✌🏻️