I'm gonna be real with you guys. I'm procrastinating.
  1. Aries: Fun as shit. Crazy as shit. Loyal as shit. Blunt as shit. Intense as shit.
  2. Gemini: Total fuckin' weirdos, SCARY smart, really good listeners and advice givers.
    @MCWillZ @tombatten and my friend Kyle
  3. Libra: Eccentric in the best way. Usually pretty optimistic. Very little drama if any at all, tbh.
    @john @marissazim @olive and my two best friends from high school, Amy and Heather
  4. Scorpio: Hyper sexual. (My moon is in Scorpio, surprising exactly no one.)
  5. Sagittarius: I love these fuckers. They're fiery and fun as hell. Sweet and funny.
  6. Aquarius: Outspoken, low bullshit tolerance, silly. These are my people.
  7. Pisces: Inarguably the best sign. Big fucking mushes who will ALWAYS be there for you. Sweet, kind, thoughtful, the best company you can have.
    @dave and my work wife, Caroline