1. I've had my third woman this month tell me they have trouble orgasming from oral. Grown ass women. This bums me out!
  2. I used to have trouble, too! But now I always keep these tips in mind and I NEVER leave an oral session unsatisfied.
    The only person who couldn't get me off with oral this past year was someone who didn't follow the tips I link to at the end of this list.
  3. So here is my advice:
  4. Relax.
    Clear your mind. Seriously. Breathe out slowly. If you keep thinking I HAVE TO ORGASM I HAVE TO ORGASM I HAVE TO ORGASM guess what won't happen?? Having an orgasm.
  5. Point your toes and pull your bellybutton to your spine. DON'T hold your breath, but DO engage your stomach muscles.
  6. Be patient.
    Getting off via oral takes MUCH more time than from masturbation. If you're a woman who is used to coming within minutes from a toy, don't have the same expectation for oral. It's gonna take a while. Don't give up!
  7. Related: do NOT feel guilty for the amount of time it takes you to get off.
    "But he's been down there for so long!" Listen, I'm guilty of apologizing for this, too, but here are two things to think about: 1. Sometimes it takes a while for dudes to come from a BJ and, as women, we are happy to do it. You deserve the same patience you give to your partner. 2. Your partner wants to get you off! He'd rather wait than leave you dissatisfied. (And if he doesn't, DITCH THAT LOSER.)
  8. Give your partner direction.
    They're not mindreaders. You want something? Ask for it.
  9. Related: Masturbate! If you don't know what feels good to you, how will you be able to direct your partner?
  10. Tell your partner when you're close.
    Sometimes partners think what they're doing isn't working when it actually is and then they decide to switch it up, which is the WORST because then they have to start from scratch again. Tell them when you're close so you can signal to them to keep doing exactly what they're doing.
  11. Attention partners. Insider tip: you know how you'll know that you're doing it right: she'll start shaking (especially in her legs). She may also start grinding her hips against your face.
    I shake like a leaf in a hurricane.
  12. I wrote a list almost a year ago (!) containing very easy-to-follow directions for how to eat pussy well. Check it out! EATING PUSSY FOR DUMMIES
  13. Don't give up! Orgasming from oral when you have a vagina is amazing! 💗