I have been exactly the way I am since I grew tits in the 5th grade. This is how I've been treated in the past; hopefully this shit will change someday...
  1. There are double standards and it drives me NUTS.
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    I saw this on Tumblr and was like YASSSSS I DEAL WITH THIS BULL ALL THE TIME.
  2. Guys think I don't have any feelings.
  3. Guys think I don't care about safety.
    I can't tell you how many people I have argued with over putting on a damn condom. WHAT YEAR IS IT AGAIN. OH YEAH, TWO THOUSAND WHO GIVES A FUCK. WRAP YOUR SHIT.
  4. Guys think they can be as rough with me as they want.
    I am not a rag doll, ya cunt.
  5. Guys think I'm not serious about anything in my life.
    Please tell that to the 4 books I published with HarperCollins.
  6. Guys don't think my time is valuable and that I'll drop everything to see them.
    Yeah, I want to hook up, but I also have 2 jobs and friends and family and hobbies and interests...
  7. I've been told that I'm acting "unladylike."
    What the fuck does that even mean? I'm unladylike for saying the exact same things you would, sir? Unladylike is my absolute least favorite word.
  8. I've been told that I'm bossy because I know what I like.
    Either I can tell you a surefire way to get me off or we can endure the next fifteen minutes of you floundering: you tell me.
  9. Guys think my "number" must be really high.
    It's actually pretty low, I think. And what difference does it make anyway? The number of people who've dingled your dangle isn't a reflection of your character or intelligence.
  10. Guys think I'm incapable of monogamy and/or don't want a relationship.
    Of course I am/do. Even with just hooking up, I'm a serial monogamist; I'm not one of those chicks who can sleep with multiple people (but no judgment at ALL if you are!). And when it comes to commitment, I just don't make that decision very breezily. I would love a partner! It's just gonna take a very special person to fill that role, that's all.
  11. Guys think I must be a sex addict.
    Because I want it all the time? I want pizza all the time, too; doesn't make me a pizza addict. And I've dated REAL sex addicts--they tend to not care about protection, sleep with multiple partners, don't get tested regularly, and their relationship with sex causes other parts of their lives (work, school, family, relationships) to suffer. That is not me.