All I want is for you to take me out to a nice steak dinner in NYC, @john. Is that so much to ask?
  1. He'a still waiting to hear back from his email to @Nicholas about getting me kicked off The List App.
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  2. The restraining order got lost in the mail.
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  3. He's comfortable with sexual napalm, but my shit is atomic.
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  4. He's intimidated by how well I sing Katy Perry's part in "Who You Love."
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    And that I know all the choreography from the video.
  5. @john, Carlos Santana and I once had a threesome and they've both been avoiding me ever since.
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    But Carlos keeps sending me snapchats.
  6. Hates that my baby bird impression is SO much better than his.
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  7. Is only dating stable women at the moment.