I got STD tested today and realized we should shout from the rooftops about how big fucking badasses we are for doing it instead of being embarrassed about it.
  1. Because knowing your status gives you peace of mind.
    It's better to know than not to know.
  2. Because getting tested means you have respect for your body and your health.
  3. Because getting tested means you have respect for your PARTNER'S body and health.
    And how fucking sexy is it to hear from your partner that he/she got tested because he/she cares about you?
  4. Because most insurances cover it at no cost.
    And there's no limit on how often you can get it done.
  5. Because it's not embarrassing to make an appointment. The receptionist at your doctor's office COULDN'T CARE LESS.
    Behold the actual transcript of me making today's appointment last week. Receptionist: "[My doctor]'s office." Me: "Hi, I'd like to make an appointment for STD testing." Receptionist: "Okay, when would you like to come in?" Me: "[This date and time]." Receptionist: "Great. See you then." Boom. Done.
  6. Because getting tested means you're having sex.
  7. Because there are some STDs that don't show any symptoms, so you wouldn't know otherwise.
  8. Because it's so easy and quick!
    If you're a chick, it means a blood test and a super fast vaginal culture (swab).
  9. Because if any of the tests came out positive, wouldn't want you to know sooner rather than later so you can start treatment asap?
    And if you're in the clear, that's always good to know, too!
  10. Because you can try to convince your gyno to let you keep your Doc Martens on during your appointment like I did, which is kinda funny.
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