I have dated so many of these fuckers. SO many. (Too many.) [Please note: this list does not apply to Scorpio women.]
  1. Secretive as shit.
    You will never get to truly know this person.
  2. Lie to make everything seem like is okay when it isn't. Liars in general. Will tell you what you want to hear because they "don't want to upset you."
  3. Notorious for ignoring/avoiding people.
  4. Will avoid you and won't clue you in as to why because they're scared of telling you. Cowards.
  5. Incredibly non-confrontational.
  6. Will make you feel like you're crazy and everything is your fault even though THEY are in the wrong. Really good at shirking blame.
  7. Scared of intimacy/don't know what they want.
  8. Play the victim.
    "My life is so crappy, I don't know what to dooooooo wah wah wah" Homie, you know that you're driving the bus, right? You don't like your life? CHANGE IT.
  9. Related: they are terrified of emotional transparency.
  10. AMAZING in bed. Best sex of your life, hands down.