1. First, this essay came out. (I didn't write it.) http://www.xojane.com/issues/body-positivity-has-become-an-excuse
  2. It made me very sad.
  3. So I emailed my editor at xoJane and asked if I could write a response piece.
  4. And she said, "When can you have it to me by?"
  5. I wrote back, "Today. I can legit write it today."
  6. That was at 9 in the morning. It took me until 3 minutes before my 11pm deadline to hand it in.
  7. I worked really, really hard on it.
  8. And @sophiack and @MCWillZ helped me organize my thoughts!!!! ❤️
    i.e. I made them read it 3 times
  9. Bye.