Mama likes to graze. 🐄
  1. 10. Vegetarian sushi (sweet potato roll)
    Love me some sweet potato rolls, but the sex was so, so bad, you guys. :(
  2. 9. Omelette with tomatoes, bacon, peppers, onions and potato
  3. 8. Thai takeout (ginger beef, yo)
    Takeout was bomb, company was so-so.
  4. 7. Fried chicken sandwich and a large plate of French fries from the Commodore in Brooklyn
    This is supposed to be the best chicken sandwich in all of NYC, but I was VERY stoned and couldn't taste any of it. :(
  5. 6. 85% cacao dark chocolate with Justin's brand plain almond butter on a spoon
    So sensual, you guys.
  6. 5. Dark chocolate-covered marshmallows dipped in peanut butter
    It was with someone I now dislike immensely, but I was high off tincture (which gives you a body high, not a head high) and receiving a back rub during this, two factors that definitely affect this ranking.
  7. 4. Dark chocolate-covered cashews and potato chips (eaten together)
    Surprisingly delicious!
  8. 3. Barbecue bacon flavored tortilla chips
    I'm a lil piggy, you guys. 🐷
  9. 2. A giant bag of kettle corn
    Y'all have no idea how much I lurve kertle kern.
  10. 1. Pizza, mozzarella sticks, wings, French fries
    That was a fun night. (No, I did NOT crash a bat mitzvah. I swear!)