Coming up on nine years of recovery, bitch. Yas kween.
  1. Skinnydipping
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    This is the most naked the List App Community Guidelines will let me be on here.
  2. Jeans right out of the dryer
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  3. Horizontal stripes
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    "I heard they make you look wider!" - 17yo Dana
  4. Eating my favorite foods
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  5. Public bathrooms
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    You know how you're scared of farting in a public restroom? The fear of being heard while puking is a hundred times worse.
  6. Wearing a crop top
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    Also, look how cute my homie @JonMarsh is in this picture.
  7. Dyeing my hair crazy colors
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    I didn't want to draw ANY attention to myself while I was disordered.
  8. Wearing crazy things
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  9. Going to a yoga class
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    I always felt like everyone was watching me for some dumb ass reason.
  10. Wearing a bikini
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  11. Sex!
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    You guys know me, right?
  12. Looking at pictures of myself/taking selfies
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