This week, @furtadomf thought she saw me on the subway, my friend Ashley asked if I was running near the Freedom Tower and then @originalamericantrt thought she saw me at a noodle place in Brooklyn. 1. If there's one thing I do NOT do for fun, it's running and 2. I HATE Brooklyn and only go there for good dick. THIS IS WHAT I LOOK LIKE, YOU GUYS.
  1. Stoned Dana
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    This Dana appears about once a month and when she does, she steals @furtadomf's necklace and wears it as a headpiece.
  2. Drunk Dana
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    Appears four times a year. Will tell you she loves you.
  3. Angry Dana
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    Before approaching, take your two hands and form a cup like how you would collect water from a stream. Now place over genitals.
  4. Fresh-faced Dana
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    Congratulate her. This takes a lot of effort since her diet is mostly Cheetos and she consistently gets, at most, 6 hours of sleep each night.
  5. Dana When She's Talking to @tombatten
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    He's her best frenemy.
  6. Christmastime Dana
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    Feeling jolly and all that barf.
  7. Dana on the subway
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    Do not approach.
  8. Sassy Dana
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    Do not approach if you know what's good for you.
  9. Ballet Dana
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    Do not approach only because she most likely just rolled out of bed and is running late. [GORGEOUS CHEEKBONE ALERT]
  10. Sad Dana
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    Just let her eat her Twix bars and Pringles in peace. She'll be fine in a couple hours.
  11. Eating Dessert Dana
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    She's not able to listen to anything you have to say until plate is clean. Sorry.
  12. Day Job Dana
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    Feel free to approach. She'd rather be doing ANYTHING else.
  13. Excited Dana
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    This Dana is only reserved for friends like @bobbyhundreds.
  14. No Makeup Dana
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    This Dana is either: 1. stoned 2. getting over the flu 3. under deadline. Do not approach.
  15. Drunk Dana again
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  16. "Please Stop Talking" Dana
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    Please leave immediately.
  17. Naked Dana
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    It is an HONOR and a PRIVILEGE to meet her.
  18. Talking to @tombatten Dana again
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  19. Getting-Attacked-By-A-Snake Dana
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    Happens more often than you'd think. Please call 911.
  20. Stoned Dana again
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  21. Friendly Dana
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    You can only approach the Dana if she winks at you. Otherwise... RUN.
  22. Rainbow Dana
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    Incredibly rare Dana. Worth the most points.