1. Museum of Natural History
    If you know me, you know that dinosaurs are the way to my heart.
  2. Advanced screening of "Jurassic World"
    See above.
  3. Come over to my apartment and bake a funfetti cake.
    Then get high and see how much of it we can eat.
  4. Go to a yoga class together.
    My mat would have to be in front of his. I just think it would be super hot for a dude to see how freakishly flexible I am. Okay, this may be a second date activity.
  5. Central Park petting zoo
    This is the most janky-ass "zoo" of all time, but feeding pellets to livestock will never not be fun for me.
  6. Watch all seven seasons of Boy Meets World while giving me a shoulder massage.
  7. Get pedicures.
    1. I'll know he's secure in his masculinity. 2. If he gets an actual color instead of clear, I'll just shut up and marry him already.
  8. The 37 questions
    They get deep and rich and sort of scary, but it's a bold first date, and your Tinder match becomes a real person, even if you don't fall in love.
    Suggested by @EricElkins