1. I used to be an editor at the 5th largest publishing house in the world.
    Not that one... not that one... yep, THAT one.
  2. I've been in this industry since I was 19. That's almost a decade. In that time, I worked at two of the biggest literary agencies in the industry, another Big 5 publishing house, and for a brief time was an assistant to @susanorlean and her husband. (Hi, Susan!)
  3. I've worked with some amazing people.
  4. Do you know @marniethedog on Instagram? I was her editor.
    That book almost fucking killed me.
  5. And Instagram star @QuarterLifePoetry. I was her editor, too.
    That book comes out the first week of April. Buy it.
  6. Aaaaaaaaand my favorite client of all-time: RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Willam Belli. It was an absolute honor and privilege to be his editor.
    He is the most talented, professional, and hands-down easiest person I've ever worked with. His book comes out 10/4/16 and it's DISGUSTINGLY GOOD. If you don't buy it, I pity you. Seriously.
  7. But here's the thing about being an editor: my job is to make other people's literary aspirations come true.
  8. Plus, it's pretty standard for me to work until 10pm most nights and every weekend.
  9. I couldn't write my book with that kind of work schedule.
  10. So I'm leaving.
  11. I'm gonna keep writing for magazines.
  12. I'm gonna write my goddamn book this year. My agent will sell it. (No pressure, @JimMcCarthy...)
  13. And make ~my~ writing dreams come true.
  14. If I fall on my face and fail, who cares? I can just return to publishing.
  15. Cuz guess what? I'm a really good fucking editor. ✌🏻️
  16. (I might have also gotten in trouble a lot for breaking dress code all the time.)
    One if my worst offenses was a pair of ripped, baggy jeans, a black leotard, black Doc Martens and a snapback. My manager was like, "You legit look like a backup dancer for Janet Jackson."
  17. These are the boots I wore today when I gave notice to HR.
  18. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯