1. One thing that drives me fucking nuts
  2. Is when a guy learns about my rape
  3. Or someone I slept with who was garbage in bed
  4. Or a dude who cheated on me
  5. Or an ex that did something/said something/treated me shittily
  6. And then the guy says,
  7. "Well, we're all not like that, you know."
  8. Because if a dude told a woman about a chick who cheated on him, assaulted him or stalked him...
  9. A girl would never say, "Well, we're all not like that, you know."
  10. "There are good women like me out there."
  11. "I would never do that."
  12. Think about it.
  13. A dude fucking things up with me has nothing to do with him being a dude.
  14. It's about him being a shitty person.
  15. So when a guy says, "We're all not like that."
  16. What he's really saying is, "Shitty people exist in the world."
  17. Which is exactly what I just fucking said in the first place.
  18. So please stop invalidating my experience.
  19. And shut the fuck up.
  20. Bye. 🖕🏻