1. Match
    Your cousin got engaged to a guy off Match and Gary's okay, I guess. Is he the best match for Tiffany? I don't know, but, hey, it's her life, not mine.
  2. OkCupid
    You want to get laid, but you don't want to spend any money. You also LOVE taking Buzzfeed quizzes and used to post them on Facebook back when that was a thing. If you're STILL posting Buzzfeed quiz results on your Facebook then get away from me
  3. Tinder
    I see what ya doin' boo. I see you 😏
  4. eHarmony
    You are VERY recently divorced and may be unaware of the fact that that app is incredibly homophobic. Please don't give them your money okay bye
  5. Bumble
    You are a smart, smart lady.
  6. Christian Mingle
    You don't follow me on The List App, so you'll never see this. But peace be with you (and also with you).