This has been in my drafts folder for a looooong time because I'm aware it's a little controversial. I know I don't speak for all dudes, just speaking from personal experience ONLY.
  1. We need to stop perpetuating the myth that bigger dick = better (straight) sex.
    I have no idea what the case is for gay sex. Please weigh in in the comments.
  2. Having a big dick bump against your cervix feels exactly like what I imagine getting fucked by the gimp suit from Se7en feels like.
  3. Blowing a big-dicked guy is exhausting. Just thinking about it makes me tired.
    My mouth is only so big, you guys.
  4. There is so much more you can do with a smaller dicked guy in terms oral.
    I feel like I'm more creative with my technique with little dicked guys. I'm like Martha Stewart at Christmastime creative--wrapping bows and decoupaging and shit. THAT creative.
  5. In my experience, bigger dicked guys tend to be lazier and care less about their partner's orgasm.
    They're taught by porn (and society) that girls get off really easily by big-dick penetration, so there's nothing much that they need to do. If I'm watching porn and a girl is riding a big dick without flicking her bean I'm like, "LIAR!!"
  6. In my experience, bigger dicked guys have NO IDEA what a clit is.
    See above. They've been taught that their dick is enough.
  7. In my experience, bigger dicked guys have NO IDEA how to eat pussy.
  8. In my experience, big-dicked guys tend to be less cool about introducing toys in bed.
    Dude with biggest dick I've ever spun on legit looked me in the eye and said IT THREATENED HIS MASCULINITY IF WE USED A TOY.
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