1. this show legitimately terrified also made me aware that Canadians pronounced "dollar" and "out" differently than I did, so like I said this show terrified me.
  2. I always died of dysentery or cholera or sometimes my family members would randomly die...hashtag yolo
  3. My brother would read a chapter aloud to me each night because there's nothing like the tight grip of fear to relax you at night
  4. The Secret of Nimh. 😱Terrifying.
  5. Goofus and Gallant from Highlights Magazine...I always related more to Goofus and hated it.
  6. Ferngully. Now that was a movie that made me very aware of the dangers of pollutants and deforestation and product testing on animals. Never too young to learn the harsh truths of reality.
  7. After watching Ferngully...Lisa Frank just seemed like a ploy using bright colors to trick me; into what, I'm not sure. It just seemed like a visually stimulating scheme.
  8. Somehow I only read the Berenstain Bear stories that gave you street smarts, or panic attacks.
  9. I would flip through these when I was bored...I remember a specific picture of a man with elephantitis and a penis infected with gonorrhea. Yay for learning!
  10. I don't remember reading many of these but I remember my neighbor had a huge collection and I'd stare at the covers and try to picture which girl I wanted to be (obviously NOT Stacey)