1. The Office
    I'd absolutely love seeing another Jim prank on Dwight or a ridiculous scheme by Michael. Reunion probably won't happen as most of the characters have grown and moved on (Jim, Pam, Michael, Creed in jail, etc) but I think it'd be awesome to see them all together in a few years.
  2. Seinfeld
    They've had a few reunions since the finale, including one on "Curb your Enthusiasm", and have downplayed any actual episode reunions, but it'd be cool to see what happened after being put in jail in the finale.
  3. Drake & Josh
    My favorite show as a kid, there have been rumors the last year from both Drake Bell and Josh Peck stating they'd love to get back together.
  4. Home improvement
    Favorite family show, there were talks in May 2015 of having a reunion from Tim Allen & Richard Karn. No word since though.
  5. Full House
    It's happening!! 2016, & it's a Fuller House now.
  6. Friends
    Never really got into that much, but I don't hate the show. One of the most popular tv series of all time, who wouldn't want to see them all get together again??