just you wait- this is the honest truth
  1. Dorothy Gale
    From my earliest memories Dorothy had it all, and therefore she was all I thought about
  2. Princess
  3. Film Actress
    I saw more movies and realized I could PLAY a princess or Dorothy Gale
  4. Stripper
    All I knew was they got paid a lot of money to dance, and I liked money and dancing
  5. Stripper
    Even after learning about the nudity I was like, the money though
  6. Broadway Star
    Sutton Foster entered my life
  7. Psychologist
    I went to a liberal college & am a basic white chick therefore I went through this stage
  8. Lawyer
    Money, money, money all around me, it's everywhere that I can see
  9. Child School Counselor
    Cause I love kids
  10. Public Speaker
    Because I love keynote
  11. ASL Interpreter
  12. Etsy/Business Owner
    What like its hard?
  13. All of the Above
    Realized that this morning