1. None of the costumes make sense
    So far: Elvis is wearing a bright blond wig, gladiators have eye patches, I'm pretty sure one old lady thinks she's being Justin Bieber, there's a Robot/Owl combination happening, The Village People have way too many villagers, and there's one very accurate Groucho Marx
  2. Everyone is way louder than the high school kids
    The high schoolers on the cruise look pretty miserable playing with their iPhones in their polo's, while mismatched costumes are finding their party groove
  3. I don't understand anything they're talking about
    I've tried listening to what's happening, but it's all English gibberish to me
  4. Old people flirting with each other is pretty amazing
  5. It kind of looks like Tinder's version of "The Purge", but everyone is happy to be there
  6. It's only seven o'clock