1. Late last night after the @john concert, which was outstanding in every sense of the word (still high on the fact he chose to sing the song I requested), I decided to walk home from the train station with my friend Mille
  2. It was a beautiful night, so silent and calm, a touch of rain every now and then
  3. All we could hear was our footsteps and Milles jammed brake on her bike
  4. It reminded me of youth - a time of easy living, no worries about tomorrow
  5. I felt so alive in that moment, so happy as we talked about life, went through the highlights of the concert, shared good memories
  6. I reflected on the past 6 months of my life, being to hell and back is tough, but the lessons I've learned makes me stronger
  7. I may have been down on my knees, but I refuse to fall
  8. Pulling myself up is something I learned a long time ago
  9. Now I stand stronger
  10. I also realized that my anxiety is starting to fade. Didn't have any panic attacks at all yesterday despite the place I was called for it
  11. Anyway - what I'm meant to say with this list was, that I wish I could capture that moment when we walked through the night
  12. But no camera could ever capture the entire picture and feel
  13. So a memory is what it remains
  14. And that's okay