1. I'm slightly hungover, left my car at the trainstation last night when I went out and now I'm craving for chocolate and cake
  2. Have neither, so I found some æbleskiver in the freezer
    When one is desperate, one does not care that these are reserved for christmas hygge only
  3. Æbleskiver (apple slices) tastes mostely of light cinnamon and a touch of lemon.
  4. The crust is easy to bite through and on the inside it's a bit spongy but in a light way
  5. They must be served while they're hot
  6. You can dip them in marmelade, sugar or as me powdered sugar
    So delicious
  7. Is it to early to say
  8. ?
  9. Also put up a new lamp
    Yup that's a vintage designer lamp by PH and I love it. If only I could find a light bulb that fitted 🤷🏻‍♀️