Honesty lies in music
  1. The cover for the album is spot on - a visual introduction to the story's about to be unfolded
  2. I've spent a few days with @veshecco 's new released album now. Having a good chance to get to know the songs and let them sink in.
  3. I really enjoy listening to music like this, where the artist writes songs with honesty and isn't afraid to let the listener explore the darker sides of life
  4. The diversity in the music and songs is a nice touch. For me it awakes a good deal of curiosity. "Where will it take me next" - kinda feeling.
  5. I sense some inspiration from the older stuff of R.E.M in "Straight into each other's eyes" - Which btw is a very good opener. Soft melody well matched with the lyrics
  6. "Ask the stars" - just 💚 This song is made for an old record player combined with a glass of wine and the sun setting.
  7. My absolute favorites hasn't changed from before.
  8. These 2 songs "That boy" and "Our wedding day" has stayed with me from the first time I heard them last year. I told Nathan that these songs would be the ones who could "put him on the map". I still stand by what I said - they are so well composed, so well-written it hurts. I see it all, feel every word.
  9. When I saw the song "I've been meaning to thank you" among the pile of song titles Nathan put a picture of on Instagram It caught my eye immediately. He was very generous to let me borrow the title for a poem that came to me when I saw it.
  10. Naturally I was very curious to hear the lyrics to that song title. I love the outlay and the theme of it. Taking things for granted while they happen, being left with a nice memory you never got to tell the person "thank you" for when there was time.
    Here in Denmark I would call I'd a folk-ish kinda song. But don't know if that how you would call it on the other side of the pond
  11. If you like acoustic guitar, music that takes you on a journey of up's and down's as it unfolds this is an album for you
  12. If you listen to music the way I do, it's not a easy listen. I don't mean music wise. But the honesty and despair in the lyrics really crawls under your skin. I prefer it when music does that to me. I want to be challenged by it and I want to feel alive
  13. This is exactly what "Ask the stars" does
  14. It is melancholic, it is thoughtful
  15. But most of all
  16. It was cleary written by heart
  17. I really hope you feel proud about it @veshecco
  18. This album is a star that will shine
  19. If you ever doubt about yourself just "Ask the stars" ✨