I heard that it is now possible to buy books that teach you how to "Hygge" like the Danes. Save your money for something better - I'll give tips for free here.
  1. First let me explain "hygge" to you:
  2. It's quite simple. What it's basically about is spending time with your family and friends or doing something nice for yourself.
  3. Example: My son asks me when we have breakfast friday morning if we can hygge tonight.
    What he meens is; if we can watch a movie or play a boardgame after dinner and have some tea, some candy or cake or something like that in the livingroom - Not so complicated huh?
  4. Hygge can also be lighting candles, having a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate while reading a book.
  5. Spending time with friends over a dinner that you've cooked together, enjoying some wine and talking is also hygge
  6. Or sitting outside on the covered terarace on a rainy summernight with family or friends. Talking about what ever comes to mind.
  7. But most of all hygge is about the feeling of being united for something where everyones goal is to spend some nice hours together.
  8. There are no rules, all you have to do is relax and have a good time.
  9. It's not about making the perfect dinner, the perfect drinks, the perfect snacks.
  10. The important thing is that you are together with people you enjoy spending time with.
  11. Simple as scratching the back of your head.
  12. So dont waste money on useless books - just set your mind to enjoying the minute and not think about what will happen the next hours.
  13. Hygge can't be planned - it happens by itself.
  14. Live in the moment, enjoy the moment.
  15. Static
  16. Guess someone ( @john ) diden't read this list