Because I wonder about loads of stuff - and now I have time to refine my skills.
  1. Lately I've wondered about:
  2. If it's true that the water flushes out opposite in Australia to Denmark?
  3. If onions have that thin see through layer because onion doesn't like to touch onion?
  4. If waxing will make your skin loose if you do it to much?
  5. If postmen/women read the postcards before they drop them in the mailbox?
  6. If guitarists would rather give up the ability to play guitar or the ability to have orgasms?
  7. When the right time is?
  8. If brussels sprouts would taste better if they had a more attractive name like "Small green round things but bigger than peas"?
  9. Why I keep getting mails offering me to buy Viagra?
    I'm not a man, I'm not an old woman, I'm not a young woman dating an old man, I'm not even sure what sex is anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️ What would I need Viagra for?
  10. If drafts will ever come back to ?
  11. If it is proven that plants grow more if you sing to them?
  12. I wonder if that "fragile" old lady who's always at the gym at the same time as me is messing around with me. Every time I go to a machine after her, the amount of kilos she's pushing is sky high ⬇️⬇️⬇️
    Is she pushing 10kg but changes it to 65kg just before she leaves the machine? She looks so thin and weak. How can she take 65kg when I only doing 40kg? WTF!!! #lowselfesteeminthegym #imkeepinganeyeonher 👀👀👀