I effin hate being unemployed

  1. Writing countless numbers of applications week after week
  2. Getting countless "Thanks for your application. Unfortunately we decided to go with someone else" because there are 150+ applicants for every damn position
  3. Starring at that blank piece of paper having no inspiration to write yet another application for a job I want
  4. The words flicker around me together with all my thoughts- senseless and pointless
  5. I feel like freakin Britney Spears in her first vid
  6. I need stuff to do - all this time I have on my hands goes into a black hole.
  7. Nothing gets done this way besides drinking coffee, looking at the clock and discovering new music.
  8. But where will that get me.
  9. Nowhere
  10. I miss having colleagues and being social
  11. I miss being creative now that creativity is nowhere to be found
  12. I miss pushing myself to the limit
  13. What I find even more frustrating is that I start classes next Monday to become an educated coach in organization, leadership and life, but I have to write 2-3 job applications a week till I begin.
    Even though I won't be available to take a job until I get my diploma by end September.
  14. Which stresses me more out. Cause I keep thinking about afterwards and how things will look then 😩