Title borrowed with permission from @veshecco - I had no idea this is where it was going to end up.
  1. For the times you made me realise
  2. that life is real
  3. For the times you reminded me
  4. how bittersweet life can be
  5. For the times you teached me
  6. that it is lethal to trust the wrong person
  7. For the times you made me appreciate
  8. the good times I had
  9. and how beautiful life was for a period of time
  10. But I will never thank you for
  11. the dark curtain you pulled down on me
  12. as you sharpened the blades on your elbows
  13. pushed your way through
  14. destroying what was perfectly good
  15. setting everything into a disharmony
  16. This I will never be thankfull for
  17. I will applause the day of your downfall
  18. and wave with a smile on my face
  19. while looking down on you
  20. as you sink deeper into the world of not wanteds
  21. just like you did with me
  22. And then you might say
  23. I've been meaning to thank you