All the people, living life in peace
  1. John Lennon had a dream, a wish, a hope
  2. I share the same dream, wish and hope
  3. As I am an unwilling spectator to the cruelties that happens around the earth we call home
  4. Innocent people being killed
  5. No one is spared
  6. No one is sacred
  7. Children lose their parents
  8. Parents lose their children
  9. Lovers lose their loved ones
  10. For what?
  11. For being at the wrong place at the wrong time
  12. Innocent life's who's death came to soon
  13. Imagine a world of no violence
  14. Peace is an easy word to say but hard to live by
  15. You may say I'm a dreamer
  16. I hope I'm not the only one
  17. Static