Lyrics That Makes Me Admire the Beauty of Songwriting Even More

  1. Too late, my time has come, sent shivers down my spine, body's aching all the time, goodbye everybody I've got to go, gotta leave you all behind and face the truth
    I cant help but raise my hand high in the air when I hear Bohemian Rapsody. The way Freddie Mercury sings this verse with such delicate voice and control makes the lyrics even more powerfull.
  2. We pick up in New York City, tryin to find the man I never got to be, when I pushed down on the pavement, I found the whole thing so much harder than it seems
    The broken man tryin to rise himself back up that John Mayer so perfectly decribes in Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey is so real I can nothing but visualise the whole scene when I listen to this song. Makes me feel humble and and reminds me of my own tough times.
  3. Sometimes I dont know what I got into, sometimes I can't stand to read my name, sometimes I can only hear their voices, casting me back from where I came from
    Jason Isbell is a master of writing lyrics. The devil is my running mate gets me every time with the melancholic expression it has.
  4. Easy love, you cry my name, and drag no pain through my lullaby, easy love you dont cry
    Whispering on the top of my lungs by Tim Christensen has a mellow melodi, except during this great verse where it kicks of with killerdrums and 80's inspired guitar.
  5. I'm living a crazy life, I wish that you could see it too, see a thousand people sing, my song from me to you, every time I sing it, you know I'm bleeding too, man I accept you as you are, no i dont need the truth
    No wonder Lukas Graham is hitting it big abroad. Better than yourself is a beautiful song that he wrote, if I'm not mistaking, to honor his father who passed away. The moonlight sonanta inspired music adds a nice feel to it.