1. Cutting up a chicken
    Just can't do it - ever since I had cooking classes in school chickens reminded me of small babies. How can I cut up a baby, what am I.
  2. Changing weather
    Can't the weather just decide on one thing. I don't need days with sun, rain, sun, snow, sun, grey clouds, bright blue sky.
  3. Spam mail
    Getting between 20-50 mails telling me how much I can save if I buy now, that I need to buy viagra (WTF!), that women are seeking dates in my area (WTF WTF!!) or I should invest in property abroad.
  4. The occasional email from John Mayer that is not @john but some random mail from a mailing list
    Oh the terror, horror and disappointment is ever ongoing.
  5. Getting bikes stolen
    Why is it that theft of a bicycle seams like a minor unimportant crime in this country. Like "everyone does it so I can do it to". Get your own bike!
  6. Li.st without the draft option
    How is draft week going to work now?
  7. When chewing gum loses its taste after 5 minutes
  8. Seeing the pain Luan was going through today at the ER and not being able to help him 😥
  9. Dropping my phone on my face
  10. Paying 110$ to get my hair colored and it looks like a disaster because the hairdresser had no idea what she was doing 😢
    I wanted a touch of red in my hair not "did someone pour a ton of red paint in it" 🤦🏻‍♀️😒Redo on Monday for sure