I'm still down on li.st ideas so I'm posting old lists 🤷🏻‍♀️
  1. I decided to watch this movie last night. My curiosity was too big to ignore. I sat down with an open mind, forgot all my aversions I had for it and Lars von Trier and let the movie roll. Did I change my mind about it and him?
  2. The movies opening scene was as I expected of a Lars von Trier film
  3. A black screen for about 1 minute followed by 3 minutes of different screen shots of snow/water with added sound in an alleyway. Then Rammstein on full blow while the scene started. Silence before chaos - I get it
  4. It's a slow starter. For the first 20-30 minutes it takes forever to get the story properly going. Like it cant decide if it want to be really avantgarde or just avantgarde
  5. But the slow start is an important piece of the puzzle that this movie is. Have patience with the weird and sometimes boring dialogs that Joe and Seligman have in the beginning eventhough they dont make much sense, they will further on.
  6. As the movie picked up, I got catched by the story. Of the picture Lars von Trier is drawing of how an addicted persons life is shatterd to pieces. I shows just how far an addicted person would go, to satisfy the everlasting demand of an addiction.
  7. I could really feel and somehow understand Joes despair, desperation and frustration. The struggle between her body and mind that takes control over everything. Charlotte Gainsbourg plays her part to perfection. I don't recall that I've ever seen acting on this level before.
  8. There is a lot of sex, exposed body parts and closeup scenes. But somehow they become less important, because they just fit naturally in.
  9. I woulden't call it porn. Maybe someone out there could get off by some of the sex scenes. But for me it just became a natural part of the movie. Like any other movie with a sex scene. The only difference is that you see the whole thing, and not just a moaning face or a sweaty back. Or the usual waves, train through tunnel, birds flying high etc.
  10. In this movie, they fit in, they make sense in the big puzzle.
  11. There were some scenes I diden't watch because they were just too unpleasent. But as I reflect on them, I understand why he put them in. The harsh truth is unpleasent but you can't run away from it.
  12. This is a movie, where the main character has no filter for the story she is telling. Regardless of etichs and commen sense. She tells it like it is.
  13. I like the psychological terms of the movie. Seligmans analytic approach to Joes story he is trying to understand and fit in, in is his ever calculating and logic mind. Joes -my body controls me, not the other way around- honest interpretation of her story. And how they, with their differences, piece the story together.
  14. Shia la Beoufs acting is very good, he plays 2 sides of a person with high credibillity. The cold emtionless first love and the caring husband. I diden't see that comming. Why he had that meltdown in Cannes is still beyond me. Can't have been the movie itself. Unless it was the full frontal nudity that was an issue.
  15. To sum it up, I actually liked this movie, I think it is one of the better movies by Lars von Trier. It is not as strange and out of reach as I thought. The way he make it all add up as he takes you on a psychological rollarcosterride is mindblowing.
  16. I really like the way he makes the obvious less so and how he guides you through the darkness to the picture you see fragments off but cant piece together yourself.
  17. Did it deserve all the hype there was around it?
  18. Not really, at least not for the reasons it was hyped about.
  19. Should you watch it?
  20. I think so - it was a great movie. Especially if you like movies that tricks the analytic part of your brain.
  21. Is it a movie that makes you happy?
  22. Far from it - it is sad and harsh. But mindgoing, and makes you think.
  23. Could it be a masterpiece?
  24. Maybe - it has some of the aspects to make a masterpiece. But it is for a narrow audience.
  25. So there you have it @veshecco @jstncwlcx and all you other listers who might care