Late to this 🌊as usual because I'm unusual and stuff
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    The number of times kids who weren't mine grabbed my hand and thought I was their mom
  2. •
    How many hours I've spent waiting on delayed trains and busses
  3. •
    How many times autocorrect mistakenly changed the words I was writing into naughty words
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    The amount of money I've spent on clothes I've never worn
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    The number of times I got caught on a door handle
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    How much money I would have if I kept to my budget every month
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    If I said yes more than no
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    How many hours I've spent listening to music
  9. •
    The amount of words I've written in total during the work on my novels
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    The number of times people said to me and I wanted to punch them: "You're good looking - why you are still single is beyond me"
    Just rub it in how miserable my life is, why don't ya
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    How many people did find the key for that red Alfa Romeo but didn't give it to me
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    How many times while watching M. Robot I've thought they made a very bad casting of Tyrell Wellick's wife, because she constantly jabs through her Danish lines and her acting is 😖
    Great show btw