1. Is the new 50 shades of grey movie just as hilarious as the first one?
  2. I need a snack
  3. What is JM really trying to say with that song I already forgot the title off. Forever something 🤔
  4. This grey weather is like being stuck in a misty pot of soup
  5. Should I wake that guy up before I get of the train?
  6. Does @andersun have a ❓ tattoo?
  7. Why is the GLS guy still hitting on me at work.
  8. I need to check out that new Fender for Luan this weekend
  9. Brøndbyøster is a weird name for a town
  10. I desperately need a caffe latte NOW
  11. Did @bjnovak use an alias like DJ Novak to hook up when he was younger 😎
  12. Why is Liva making the decisions she does when I think they are wrong for her?
  13. Trump must be a joke
  14. What is @solena favorite color?
  15. This could be worth attending
  16. What came first, the egg or the chicken?
  17. Why do I always get papercuts?
  18. Why do we have this expression in Denmark: Embarrasingly sober?
  19. Today is a very good day