1. It appears so
  2. I don't get it though
  3. Am I supposed to understand what it is about?
  4. What the idea of it is?
  5. Luan is all in on this phenomenon
  6. Making videos of - hmmm - himself talking about what he is up to - making challenges with his friends
  7. The thing I do know about this YouTube thing is:
  8. Dancing moms is a no go
  9. He doesn't want me singing in his videos at all - that boy do not know talent when he hears it. Have no idea where he got that lack of talent from, must be his dad
  10. that you always have to end up saying "remember to subscribe and like"
  11. Does he even know what subscribe means?
  12. Should I subscribe and like his videos?
  13. Would that be cool or just plain weird?