Writing about falling in love gives me a lot of time to think about what that is to me
  1. One of my friends said to me a while ago, that I had a too romantic idea of what falling in love really is
  2. That I expect to much of the term "falling in love"
  3. This made me wonder
  4. Am I more in love with the idea of falling in love than actually falling in love?
  5. Has all the fairytales I've been told since I was a child ruined the truth about how people fall in love?
  6. Do I expect the man of my dreams to show up at my doorstep because that's how it happens in the fairytales?
  7. Is it wrong to believe that somewhere out there, there's s a man who is perfect for me?
  8. Or am I hoping for something that doesn't exist?
  9. Maybe it's more comfortable to dream of falling in love and finding true love than exposing myself to the risk of rejection. Let alone the vulnerability that comes with love.
  10. Is it a comforting thought that falling in love is sparks and sweet music rather than 2-3 drinks in - stumbling through a conversation at a cocktail bar some random Saturday night?
  11. The thought of telling friends when they ask how I met the guy and I reply "we met through a dating site" puts a dark mark on the whole thought of what falling in love is.
  12. Falling in love cannot be forced or matched through a series of test - but is it they way to go these days?
  13. The digital relationship, where the process of falling in love is planned by a computer or an agent the future?
  14. Will the ever romantic people end up alone because they fail to give up on a long lost dream?
  15. As I get older I've realized that lingering in the pasts "loves" with the what ifs? and "why did I's? come more easily than when I was younger when time was just a word.
  16. And then I start to wonder if we only get 1 great love for every period in life because we fail to open our eyes while waiting to fall in love the way we expect.
  17. Hmm