Speaking danish - easy right?

  1. Some have asked me how we pronounce "Hygge" Hygge - a how to li.st:
  2. Danish is without a doubt a difficult language to learn and understand for foreigners
  3. My dad who was from Venice (Italy) always said it sounds like we have a potato stuck down our throats
    He also refused to learn danish for the first 2 years he lived here - proud Italian also old-fashioned
  4. But I will admit he was kinda right - it is a strange language. If it's s a beautiful language is hard to judge, I can't tell tbh.
  5. I do know that most Danes including myself tend to have this weird way to pronounce English unless there is alcohol involved. The danish is a challenge to get rid of when it's combined with english
    I speak fluent English after a couple of beers
  6. Anyway
  7. Here's an explanation of how to pronounce ANY danish word I've found - might shed some light on this strange language 🤷🏻‍♀️
  8. So forget the H in Hygge, do a drunken Y speed up the GG and swallow your tongue as you say the E, smile and look confident
  9. Piece of cake right?
  10. Here's some words you can try it on:
  11. Domstol
  12. Opvaskemaskine
  13. Barnevogn
  14. Solskin
  15. Blomster
  16. Ridderlighed
  17. Venterum
  18. Udenrigsminister
  19. Sofa
  20. Solseng