Thanks for the request @veshecco 🙏 - since drafts is gone this will be a running list
  1. is the place where some very cool and talented people hang out
    Musicians, Origami folders, Life knowers, Writers, Thinkers, Explores
  2. The world is small
    When @andersun told me he knew Æbleskiver it really hit me
  3. Listing from anywhere else than the US is a challenge. Most of is asleep when we do the listing
    TG for @solena @jessicaz @DawnCloud and everyone I forgot here because of No drafts 😒
  4. 💯 This means the best if the best
    Took me quite some time to figure that out
  5. It's a place where quirky lists goes with the more deep and emotional lists. The support, smiles and understanding is always here
  6. Making honest lists about a crisis you're going through at work and making a humorous list about it can cause you tons trouble. Avoid at all times