I remember how I felt when I saw this strip in a newspaper years ago. I really made me think about my life and how privileged I am. By the end of the day it found it's way to my refrigerator as a reminder of things I often take for granted
  1. "Have a nice day" is the theme
    The line in the picture with the woman feeding her baby cake is "There is absolutely nothing on telly"
  2. Makes you think right?
  3. I used to have loads of talks with Luan about this strip, as he, as most kids do, wondered about the meaning.
  4. And I would explain to him about the importance of not taking things for granted and being thankful for what he have.
  5. Then we moved to a new house and I forgot about this strip for a couple of years.
  6. Yesterday I found it, and have put it in its rightful place again.
  7. And I feel ever thankful for what I have and what I can do.