Inspired by @angela3950 - Since we still don't have drafts this li.st will be a running one because of time and language challenges 🤷🏻‍♀️
  1. Tivoli is located in the heart of Copenhagen and opened its doors for the first time in 1843
  2. The size of the area Tivoli is located on hasn't changed much since 1843 which means that they have to think creative when they want to add a new ride. Expanding is not an option.
  3. When it was built it was located just outside the city walls - now that place is the center of Copenhagen.
  4. Every single Friday during the summer season there is a free open air concert at Tivoli's biggest stage "Plænen". Names like @john, Erykah Badu and Elton John has played here.
    You have to pay for the entrance to Tivoli to see the concert. Some you have to buy tickets to as well.
  5. There are 2 concert halls in Tivoli - "Koncertsalen" (Mainly for concerts and large musicals) which sits 2000 and "Glassalen" (mostly used for comedy shows and smaller shows) which sits ca. 1000.
  6. Glassalen
  7. Glassalen
  8. Koncertsalen
    On the balcony are the notes to H. C. Lumbyes famous piece Champagne Galop
  9. Koncertsalen
  10. 30 meter long Aquarium
    This is located at the foyer in Koncertsalen
  11. The parterre garden
    This photo of the Parterre garden was taken before Tivoli opened to the public, hence the lack of flowers that usually fills up this beautiful place.
  12. The Tivoli lake
    Complete with pirate ship and dragonflys
  13. The Tivoli Youth Guard
    Used to be a Guard for boys only aged 8-16 but in the past couple of years they let girls join as well. To join the guard applicants must go through a admission test, where they get tested in musical skills as well as sense of rhythm.
  14. The Tivoli Youth Guard has 3 groups: Tambourkorps (march flute and drum), color guard and music corps (Trumpets, drums, saxophone etc.)
    The guards spend approximately 10-20 hours per week in Tivoli with lesson in their chosen instrument and with parades - They parade around Tivoli twice a day every weekend during winter season and twice a day every weekend plus 2 times a day 1 week day during summer. They are highly demanded around the world and travel when they get the chance.
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