1. Was at the gym
    A before picture bc after is not a pretty thing
  2. Had a nice lunch and easy day
  3. Got dressed up and stuff
  4. Then I went to Copenhagen with my mom to listen to some jazz
    She's 73 next month but always out and about. And ALWAYS classy looking - she keeps herself so well
  5. But then something happened
  6. It started to rain cats and dogs. The band had to stop playing - it was that bad
    Was an outdoor concert
  7. Then we missed our train home and had to wait forever
  8. I finally get home - put on some George Michael - "Jesus to a child" is so beautiful
  9. I joke with @veshecco that I never get any creepy messages on Instagram and how I would laugh about them if I did
  10. And
  11. I get a creepy message on Instagram from a guy I've talked to for some time
    Let me clarify that this was not from @veshecco
  12. The words "I'm HORNY"starring right at me
  13. Uhm what
  14. Did I read that right?
  15. Was it a joke?
  16. This I did not expect
  17. And I defo did not expect my day to end that way
  18. Proper men - where are you????
    Giphy downsized medium