What They Call the Biggest Novemberstorm in 30 Years Is Raging Through Denmark Right Now

As it picks up to hurricane-level I start to wonder:
  1. If my house will still have a roof tomorrow?
    This cardboardbox of a so called house is beginning to sound a bit fragile, as the wind slams against it - thats what you get when you rent an outdated house build with low-cost materials from the 1960's
  2. If the windows will stay in place?
    I know the 1 layer windows in my house are bad at keeping the cold out, but are they better at keeping a storm out - time will tell
  3. If I forgot to remove any loose objects from my garden?
    Had to clear my garden in a rush as they upgraded the storm in the 9th hour, forgetting something is possible
  4. How they can keep talking about this storm on tv?
    It seems as if they are on repeat, as they go on and on and on about the same reports about the storm - Im bored already in fact I was bored after 5 minutes
  5. If the trains will run tomorrow?
    I sure they wont, Danish weather and the Danish railwaycompany are really not on good terms with eachother